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New Website Launch!!!!!

20 Feb

It’s finally here!!!  A few more things still left to be finished up but I couldn’t wait any longer!!!!

Please go to and bookmark it!  This site will no longer be active.  New post up and rules for Vintage Teal Give-Away at new website!

I am one happy gal tonight!


Vintage Teal Give-Away Necklace Arrived!!!

18 Feb

The Vintage Teal piece arrived at my doorstep today!!!  I had to try it on…isn’t she lovely?!?!

The girls behind Vintage Teal are very talented and have an eye for creating gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces, wouldn’t you agree?

So, here’s the deal…I will let you know the rules of the contest as soon as my new website launches.  We are getting everything finalized so hopefully I will be able to launch Sunday.   {Please tell all of your friends about All Things Soleful and Vintage Teal=)}

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!  Mine is full of work and a wedding!!  So happy for our friends–they are both wonderful people and I wish them a very blessed journey together.  Weddings always get to me…I’ll never forget the way I felt walking down the isle to my very best friend.  We’ve had an amazing 7 years of marriage together! (okay, I’m getting all mushy, sorry.  See, I told you weddings do this to me!! ha!)

Hopefully I’ll be talking to you Sunday…

Until next time…I hope you have a blessed day!

xoxo, Meg

Red, white & blue pride!

17 Feb

Today I was feeling inspired by Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2011 Collection.  Here’s what I’m talking about…

I felt like an All-American girl today in my red, white and blue and cowboy (cowgirl??) boots (Lucchese from Warren’s)!  =)  To update your wardrobe, invest in some striped pieces.  Wear some red, white and blue with pride!  Also, love the pop of yellow!

I am anxiously waiting for the Vintage Teal necklace to get here so I can show you what’s up for grabs!!!  I will probably start the contest when my new website launches (fingers crossed it will be ready to go this Sunday!!!!).

Until next time…I hope you have a blessed day!

xoxo, Meg

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Maxi Skirts

16 Feb

I have some very exciting news for all of my readers!!!!  I got to see a pic of the Vintage Teal give-away necklace and….IT IS FABULOUS!!!  It’s en route to my house as we speak, so stay tuned for more details/rules on the give-away.  With that being said first, we can now move on to some maxi skirt talk…

Why am I excited about adding some of these to my closet?  They are great for so many occasions.  Wear them to work with a collared button up shirt or a camisole worn under a fitted blazer.  Wear them on a date with a dressy blouse or fun tank.  For a little more edge, pair with a cropped leather jacket or a bold scarf.  For a very casual vibe throw on a simple tee, a distressed belt and a very “in” trend–a medallion necklace.  Wedges are a great option to pair with these multi-purpose skirts!

Olivia's skirt is from Top Shop. LOVE this look.

I can absolutely see myself in this look. Obsessed. What's not to love?

This is the skirt I styled my client and friend, Stacy, in--from (drumroll please) FOREVER 21. Inexpensive and oh so cool! =)

Top Shop

ASOS. Love the color and the style of this one!

So cool and effortless.


LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pleats out for spring! ASOS



Bold colors are a huge trend right now. This skirt from Forever 21! Love how they paired it with a tee and cinched the waist with a belt to keep from looking "frumpy."

Jil Sander

I'm a sucker for animal prints =) Forever 21.

If you have a morning like I did yesterday when you would really just rather go to work in your favorite sweatpants and your husband’s t-shirt, these comfy yet chic maxi skirts are sure to work and lift you out of that icky mood.


I did it!!! Got bangs that frame my face. Also added some caramel colors!

Love the cut too!! She's fabulous!

Today was a good day!!!  Hope your day treated you kindly.  I can see the finish line with my new website!!!  Thanks again, Cole, for all of your help & hard work!

Until next time…I hope you have a blessed day!

xoxo, Meg

p.s.  If you haven’t heard about the boutique, The Rage, in Mena, AR you’re missing out.  Look her up on Facebook and “like” her page!

White is OK!

15 Feb

Remember my post telling you that if you just don’t know what to wear on any given day, opt for black and white??  Well, let me tell ya…today was one of those days that NOTHING seemed appealing.  I think I changed 5 times!  {don’t you hate those days?}  I ended up wearing this and felt pretty good about it.  I had a couple people ask “So…is it okay to wear white now?”  I say YES! There are no rules when it comes to fashion.  You should always put your personal stamp on whatever it is that is being marketed as the “in” look.  And by-golly if you wanna wear white after Labor Day then just do it!  {yes, I really just used the word “by-golly”=)}

Finally tomorrow is very near!  Why am I so happy about this?  Because it’s hair day!  And speaking of hair, I will have a guest post early next week from a local hair stylist.  She will be sharing some hot hair trends and how to perfect the look yourself.  Plus, some of her top-rated hair products.  If you know me, then you know I’m kind of a freak about my hair.  For tomorrow’s appointment here is what I’m feeling inspired by…

I already have lots of side-swept bangs but I'm seriously considering doing more of a bang that frames my face like the pic on the left. Hmm....

And the look I'm obsessed with and constantly trying to perfect--the messy, wavy hair. LOVE!

Ok dear friends, that’s all I’ve got tonight!  This girl is exhausted and I’ve still got several emails to reply to.  Where does the time go?!?!  I hope you had a fabulous Tuesday and that your Valentines evening was very romantic and special.

Until next time…I hope you have a blessed day!

xoxo, Meg {p.s. the switch over to my new website is upon us!!! I am SO excited!!!}

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Stacy’s New Wardrobe {yep, there’s more!}

14 Feb

I got such a good response from a lot of you about my styling session post yesterday so here’s some more inspiration for you…

This lace dress is fitted and looks great with black tights if worn alone as a dress. But it looked great worn these ways too....

This combo looked sooo cute with a khaki pencil skirt I picked out for her but that was the 1 item that somehow didn't make it home with us! She's determined to get back there and get it!

More options to wear with her new skinny cargo pants.

This is a top she already had. I added her new belt to cinch in her waist. Some cognac heels and this outfit is complete!

I started with this (I had to buy myself one too in gray! Can't pass up a BCBG sale!!)

She wore the white tank and shredded top with her new black leather/stretch cotton mini skirt over sheer black hose Friday night. Needless to say, her husband thanked me. 😉 She looked amazing!

Here's the black skirt and some of the things to pair it with!

Stacey said she got this belt and wore it only once. Here, I paired it with her new red skinny jeans, a simple tank and a gray scarf she has had to compliment the scarf.

All of these tops she already had are made new again with a bold color jean!

Be an All-American girl!!! 😉

Love this great dress as is. But.... are a few ways to snaz it up and make it your own! Stacey is going to look like a million bucks! (ok, she does anyways!)

These are the navy blue jeggings she had on in yesterday's post with the neon yellow sweater. Love this sweet, feminine blouse!

Another way to wear her jeggings--this is a cute blouse she already had. I just unbuttoned it and layered it over her basic v-neck gray tee for a cool, casual vibe.

I love this silky beige cardigan Stacey already had so I had to put it to use. Neutrals are VERY popular at the moment--and so is coral. Beige and coral worn with these great white flare jeans is fresh and perfect for spring!!! LOVE!

Another top she had. I added a belt and paired it with white for a different look.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!!  Ty and I will be spending a quite night at home.  He’s fixing dinner and I was told I had to stay in the living room while he’s cooking.  Hmm…what is he up to?! 

Want to have a styling session of your own?  Just email me at!

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time… I hope you have a blessed day!

xoxo, Meg  

Styling Session!!!

13 Feb


Woohoo!!!  Talk about a FUN Friday!!  This is a glimpse of what I was doing with 2 very special, beautiful women…one of which received one of my styling gift certificates from her husband for Christmas.  We waited until the edge of spring before we went shopping.  We had a great time and I took lots of pics to share with you…

Meet Stacey, my client/friend. This little number was one of her favorites that I put together for her. She was the perfect client--totally open for anything and she has the PERFECT figure to dress!

In Stacey’s words: 

All girls dream of a “pretty woman” moment.  Well, I have experienced
mine this week, and I want all ladies to know, it is possible and
Meagan can make it happen!!  After countless times of hearing me say,
“I just need someone to tell me what to wear.” or “I bet someone could
do something really cute with that shirt.”, my sweet husband got me
the best Christmas gift ever.  A gift certificate to shop and be
styled by Meagan!!

I can NOT tell you how much fun this has been!  We set out with a few
goals….I let her know I was not good at the whole “mix and match”
thing.  I am more of a “get a really cute shirt and wear it with
jeans” gal.  Goal #1…get out of this rut!  Goal #2…I wanted some
things I could wear for fun and also tweek a bit and wear to work,
because who has the budget for both?  Goal #3…be able to do all of
this and still be able to pay my bills! I can honestly say goals
accomplished!  Meagan came over and took a look at what I already had
in my closet and off we went.  And let me tell you…this sounds
daunting, but this gal is fast and efficient.  She was focused and fun
and accomplished in an hour or two what would have taken me days and

Maybe the greatest part of all is, after shopping she did not leave
the “mix and match challenged” to figure it all out and remember what
was said in the dressing room. Meagan came to my house and went to
work showing me what could be done with each piece.  I swear she
magically made what would have been 20 outfits to me into 70+!  We
took pics of all the options and now, when printed out, I have a
“catalog” of things I actually own!  How amazing is that?!

A magical “pretty woman” experience that I can not say enough about.
Husbands…..seriously…..BEST GIFT EVER!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Meagan for all your help and all the fun!!!!!

I am SO flattered!!!  So glad I got a new, sweet friend out of this whole deal!  Thank you, Stacey, for the kind words.

Get ready for a long post guys!  Here’s a look into what is now in Stacey’s closet…

Let's start with this great mustard-y yellow skirt! First, I paired it with a shirt Stacey already had but didn't know what to really put it with.

Next, I paired the skirt with her new white collared shirt. I layered her new snap button denim shirt over it and added her new skinny braided white belt.

This is a blazer Stacey already had. I paired it with her new basic white tank and mixed 3 of her necklaces together to finish the look. Add some sheer black hose if it's chilly!

This was a shirt she already had but wasn't sure what to put it with besides jeans. Well, now here's another option!

Started with this and ended with this...

Isn't this great! She loved the simple jumper once I got finished with it! Look at those amazing legs!!

Stacey wanted to try the color-blocking trend but nothing too crazy. These navy blue cotton jeggings paired with neon yellow were the perfect mix.

And the colorful belt added a great finishing touch to pull it together!

Nautical. Lots of mix-matching!

So glad I got her into some high-waisted shorts!! Precious.

Take my word for it--buy these jeans! I have them in the black/dark denim wash & they're incredibly flattering!! The Stella Flare at Express. Love all white. So fresh. And this jacket I found for her is great because it has detachable sleeves.

Add a layer to change it up! Isn't that a fun shirt?!

Stacey already had this black and gray animal print top. Her new green faux leather jacket adds an unexpected pop of color against the white jeans and muted top.

Another way to wear her new denim shirt and the belt that was attached to her new high-waisted shorts! Cool and chic.

There's that coral tank and her blazer again! =)

I started with this cute little lace-y number...

...then layered it over her new white collared shirt and paired it with her new long maxi skirt (in first pic with coral tank).

Or how about over a simple tank paired with her new green cargo skinny pants?!

So cute with some great wedges!! (from Warren's of course!)

There's nothing wrong with wearing this cute dress as is, but...

...make it unique--your own--with these options!

Chic and simple.

Layered up!

Pleats are a huge trend right now. Love this skirt! Dress it down like this!

Sheer cardigan-she already had.

Remember this top/jacket duo with the white jeans?? Another way to wear it! Throw on some black booties and you're set!

That bold sweater is back! Stacey, some polka-dot hose would be something fun to add to this look 😉

There is soooooo much more but I’m going to stop for today.  I’ve had a non-stop weekend full of work, dancing to the music of Boom Kinetic with friends at Mojo’s, working with Cole (owner of Gadget Grave–click on his site under my “favorites” to check him out!) on my new website (coming soon!!!) and just enjoying this beautiful weather today!!  I hope you are getting out of your winter rut – I know I am!  Today’s temperature was all I needed to re-energize my soul.  Hope you had a fabulous weekend!  Here’s to another week!

Until next time…I hope you have a blessed day!

xoxo, Meg